P.S. I love you

Now this setup holds a special place in my heart, perhaps because its a little piece of home brought to life. I grew up in England, and moved to Canada whilst I was a teenager. Much of my decor inspiration comes from England, the small gardens, the brick walls and of course our pink telephone box. This is a perfect example of how something meaningful and iconic can be turned into a form of art.

Many of the clients who book this setup have some kind of link to the UK, either they studied there for a while, have a partner from the UK or have visited London on their travels. It can be special to have a little bit of hidden meaning ingrained into your event decor.

First released for Valentine’s Day in 2021, our telephone booth has been used for bridal showers, graduations, menhndi events and weddings. It’s a fun photo-op and can be styled in so many different ways! Personally, P.S. I Love you 2.0 is my current fav, especially with the all white bike and baskets full of florals! It reminds me of a small UK town with cobbled streets and small markets.