About Sienna's Garden

Welcome to Sienna’s Garden, the heart of concept driven events, moments and experiences. Sienna’s Garden is an idea that evolved and blossomed naturally, right out of our very own garden. What started out as a DIY summer project, has expanded into an innovative design and decor company. Our journey started with a simple intention, to add a whimsical touch in our everyday life.

Our decor style is organic, natural and dreamlike. We juxtapose multiple styles effortlessly, playing close attention to the smaller details.

Event decor is an art form, and we love to tell a story with our setups. Many of our ideas start from simple concepts – such as visiting a market, hanging laundry or even something as simple as watching ocean tides. There is beauty in every-day moments, and we excel in making them aesthetic.

Our core values are curiosity, growth, and creativity. We believe in testing and pushing our limits to create magical moments for you to cherish for life.

Meet The Face Behind Sienna's Garden

Growing up, I’ve always added a creative touch to anything I could, whether it be gift-wrapping, styling our family dinner table for Mother’s Day, or decorating a room. Making everyday life look aesthetic has always been my inner mantra.

On the other side, I was also academically focused and wanted to pursue a career in healthcare as a pharmacist. I managed to balance the two by taking a break from studying sciences and pharmaceuticals with my creative side.

I started Sienna’s Garden soon after planning and designing a photo area for my brother’s engagement. I was determined to build my own flower wall, with little to no information on how to execute it. I used my problem solving skills to research and come up with a game plan, and a few days later I had a fully-functioning backdrop. My friends and family were in awe of what I had created, and encouraged me to start a business after I had done a few other family events. It was safe to say I could take any theme, and turn it into an aesthetically pleasing setup.

I vividly remember my first leap into the business, when I had gathered a few of my favourite decor pieces, loaded them in the back of my car and with the help of my family, set out on an impromptu fall photoshoot (in the middle of nowhere). The immediate response was overwhelming, and was the driving factor to keep going. Sometimes the best things are created without a plan.

I am grateful to see how far Sienna’s Garden has come, from designing birthdays to bridal showers, small weddings and now more.  I strive to put a smile on our clients faces after they experience our decor. I can honestly say there’s no better feeling!